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Alliance signature ceremony between EPICORP and Mr. Mohamed Abdel Latif Managing Director of DFS


DFS is a leading supplier of drilling fluids to all service and local national companies, particularly in Iraq and the Gulf region. DFS has been in business since 2009, with its Regional Head Office in Ras Al Khaima, UAE, handling global sales and the movement of items to its stock point. DFS also provides waste management services and rental equipment such as tanks and pumps.
DFS ensures the finest services for its clients not only by delivering drilling fluid products to the client’s site, but also by predicting and planning for how those products will function in the field – both to optimise drilling performance and to reduce the risk associated with fluids-related difficulties. We provide customised products for a client’s unique application, drawing on our fluids experience. We also ensure an overall awareness of our client’s requirements in order to contribute to the client’s goals and optimise results.

Products of DFS

They understand the requirement and provide quality products, Explore there products & what can thay provide
–  Weighting agent
– Filtration control agent
–  Viscosifiers
–  Lost circulation materials
– Thinner & dispersant
– Shale inhibitors & flocculants

Food additives products:
– Citric Acid
– Sodium bicarbonate
– Soda ash
– Starch
– Poly anionic cellulose
– Maltodextrin powder
– Dextrose monohydrate