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About Us

About us

EPICORP is an Egyptian Company established to provide excellent and professional performance in the Oil & Gas sector across Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.

We are specialized in providing Investment opportunities, Advisory services, Management services, Pre-Feasibility studies, and Representing contractors. Technical assistance, Engineering & maintenance firms. Vendors and Materials and Equipment suppliers. Upstream, midstream and downstream services. 

The highest caliber of experts with deep insight into Oil, Investment, Business Development and Oil & Energy planning projects led us to build a trusted cliental base with a famous reputation through persistence and hard work in our provided services locally and internationally. 

Epicorp Acts As a Strategic Advisor, creating goals and advising its customers how to get there , through utilization of its expert skills and knowledge in order to advise companies on what they need to do and how to do it .
Our primary goal is to help companies plan specific strategies to fix problems or create opportunities, proposed plans include deploying tactics, to make sure the company starts out on the right path identifying realistic problems and pursuing attainable opportunities.

We also can help to execute suggested tactics that support the agreed upon Strategy.
We will always bring enough valuable experience, to help execute our recommendations.
We also enjoy some reasonable Industry contacts, methods for doing things and the ability to spot problems, bringing value to companies that are executing new strategic initiatives.

Our Experience : As several professional executives in the company represent EPICORP, we are proud to refer to their resumes on the following page.

Strategic Company Plan : EPICORP intends to contribute to upgrading and utilising existing Energy, Oil & Gas facilities through international cooperation, seeking the best results for our customers by executing all our services professionally.

We provide an excellent strategic vision and project planning expertise which guarantees our partners’ exceptional investment concepts and innovative ideas are ready to be developed successfully.

Our Partners

Board Of Directors

His Excellency
Eng. Sameh Fahmy

Former Minister of Petroleum

Mr. Ashraf El-Garem

Vice-Chairman & CEO

Dr. Muhamed A. Hadi

Managing Director for Investments & International Business

Mr. Assem El-Sharkawy

Commercial Director

Mrs. Rasha Awad

Regional Director – Africa

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