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Contrack security services

Contrack Security Services, Contrack Facility Management’s sister company, was established as the first provider of client services in a specialised market. It draws on the superior intellectual capital of a high-caliber security management team, led by former presidential guard officers.
Contrack Security Services, operating under licence number 155-2019, offers specialised physical security solutions that are made to fit the unique requirements of different kinds of businesses.
Starting with the hiring procedure, They have rigorous criteria. With search tools, screening resources, and recruiting experience, Thay can locate exceptional candidates who are well suited to company’s requirements and culture. There recruiting managers handle the task of finding, evaluating, and employing the best candidates for business.

Contrack security services provide

1. Security Services

  • Physical security:

Contrack Security Services will take care of staff and property security while concentrate on managing company. They provide proactive security planning and numerous levels of protection that exceed clients’ expectations through expertise, the excellent training they give officers, and ability to create customised solutions that fit particular industry and business.

They can offer business the ideal security risk management solution, whether guarding a bank, hotel, manufacturing site, diplomatic mission, school or college campus, or any other type of facility.

  • Security guards:

The security personnel of CSS are meticulously chosen, vetted, instructed, watched over, and regularly assessed to make sure fulfilling the client’s requirements. There security professionals undergo client-specific training and a focused induction from highly experienced ex-military and police officers prior to deployment.

  • Event security:

Contrack Security Services provides a variety of event security management services that are customised to meet clients’ operational and business requirements. In order to ascertain the degree of security measures that would be necessary with regard to entry control, crowd control, executive protection, and emergency contingency planning, event security management team conducts a tailored and thorough risk assessment for the planned venue. The type and classification of workers to be assigned to special events depends on the venue’s risk profile as well as the event itself.

  • VIP protection / Close protection officers:

With an extensive portfolio of executive protection services tailored to clients’ requirements, CSS provides a wide variety of services. The highly skilled executive protection teams of CSS are versed in emergency planning, crisis management, VIP protection, risk/threat assessment, personal security protocols, wireless radio communications, first aid and medical evacuation protocols, and wireless radio communications.
Bodyguards, close protection officers, and companions make up executive protection team. Each member is outfitted with the essential gear for their job.

  • Meet and assist:

Whether leaving, arriving, or transiting, They make sure trip goes as well as possible, whether travelling alone, with family, or on business. THere service offers a First Class atmosphere, typically only available to VIPs and celebrities, and simplifies travelling through airports. Meeting at the airport and escorting all the way to car is what there agent will do. In order to provide quick arrivals, seamless departures, or successful transit & connections, this service will help cut down on long lineups, eliminate language obstacles, and make travelling through the airport simple.

  • Reception service:

CSS provides a combined service where a receptionist looks after guests in a professional, service-oriented manner while upholding a high standard of privacy and security.

  • K9 security – Protection dogs:

At addition to being trained to detect strange activity or sounds, K9 security dogs are also skilled at locating explosives, hidden weapons, and illegal narcotics.

Top-notch German shepherds, Rottweilers, and other large dog breeds that are frequently utilised as police and guard canines make up K9 security teams, together with expert handlers.

  • Fire protection:

Support for Fire Safety Programmes (FSPs): They can provide all-encompassing FSP support.

  • Fire and safety:

In particular for fires or other situations that endanger human life, They collaborate to develop effective emergency preparations. Furthermore, They offer the instruction necessary to maintain company buildings and commercial structures compliant with safety regulations.

2. Security products

  • Access control:

Specialists from Contract Security Services will design, implement, and oversee an access control system that is tailored specific requirements. It is possible to expand biometric verification, which uses hand, finger, facial, or eye recognition, from card access for employees.

  • CCTV:

They offer coverage for bigger buildings and complexes, as well as for multiple properties, ranging from isolated cameras to a full closed circuit system. They are full-integrated, IP-addressable CCTV systems and operators are available in addition to these solutions for increased security.

3. Security solutions

  • Flexible solutions:

Contrack security services performs a comprehensive first investigation of clients’ needs and circumstances to guarantee that they get the best security solution possible. There customers are offered suitable security options because of experience and capacity to utilise Group-wide best practises for security management. Because of the flexibility of there security solutions, They are able to collaborate with a wide range of technology vendors. They have general agreements with some of the top manufacturers of cameras and other security systems in the globe to guarantee great quality.

  • Single point of contact:

Contrack security services provide a single point of contact for customers’ entire security solution through the Security Operation Centre in an effort to make things as simple as possible for them. Operators at these national centres for coordination and communications are skilled at responding rapidly to a variety of issues and resolving them per the needs of clients.

  • Effective prevention:

Contrack security services obtain useful information from a variety of tasks thanks to the daily reports from security officers in all of projects, which are routed through CSS Operation Centre. They can proactively stop theft and damage as well as fires and other harmful situations before they happen by fusing real-time information from various electronic monitoring devices, including as cameras and sensors, with analysis of historical data.