Celebrating the start of the company’s Activities

Company Activities

EPICORP makes investments that support exploration, production, storage tank facilities, pipelines, petrol stations, oil refining, and the management of petroleum waste (solids, liquids, and gaseous).

Using our alliance companies and investors, we offer professional maintenance services to the power, water, wastewater, and industrial facilities.

Company Activities

  • Planning & Advisory Services.
  • Petroleum Investments.
  • Professional Training.

Other activities

  • Process analyzers and instruments are made all over the world by AMETEK Process Instruments. They are a part of a global company with annual sales of roughly $5 billion (USD) and are a business unit of the Process & Analytical Instruments division of AMETEK, Inc.
  • TSV EUROP (TSVE) is a business with headquarters in Europe that specialises in valves and pipework for process industries.
  • Streamlines Oil and Gas is a rapidly growing energy services firm with the goal of building a portfolio of oilfield services that operate throughout the entire asset life cycle in the onshore and offshore oil and gas sector.
  • DFS is a top provider of drilling fluids to all local and international service companies.
  • P. S. OILFIELD CHEMISTRY At the Ajman Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates, F.Z.E. is a chemical manufacturer with an ISO certification. Oilfield Chemical Products from J.P.S. cover the majority of operational phases, from drilling to production and pipeline transportation, and we have established our footprint as a chemical manufacturer with constant quality.
  • The most well-rounded cable company in Egypt is Electro Cable Egypt. The company manufactures both power cables and telecommunication cables for both the domestic market and export.
  • Trans World Energy (TWE) is a corporation with more than 20 years of expertise in O&G and Power projects and is a specialist in energy vision, strategy, plans, and great performance.